The Battery or is it the Controller?


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With more than 5200 miles in 304+ hours of use, and about 300 recharge cycles, My EG Zurich has performed flawlessly until lately. Now it seems to markedly lose power and sometimes shuts down when pedaling in headwinds and up mild grades.

During higher power demand times the handlebar console shuts off/conks-out while pedaling. Where I used to pedal 20-mile round trip commutes while having the power level on the console set at high, now the console read-out shows a dramatic drop in available battery energy and shuts-off after any modest demand for more motor effort after traveling much shorter distances. The console power readout shows a dramatic drop-off of capacity while under higher demand moments.

Turning on the handlebar console again, and as long as there is no high demand, I am able to pedal with moderate to low assist. It's less of an issue in the low and medium power settings. But overall, the performance is waning. Checking the LED readout on the battery, it shows there is plenty of battery power available when this happens. What needs to be replaced?
My journaled stats with the EG Zurich:
Num Rides: 304; Distance: 5,261 miles; Ride Time:303:48:04 (hh:mm:ss); Max Speed: 36.30(mph); Average Speed:17.32 (mph);
Weather Conditions:Min: 42 Avg: 64 Max: 93 ºF;
Altitude Gain: 157,608(ft)