Test ride today on 2 Pedegos


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The nearest Ebike shop is Pedego dealer about 7 miles from my home. The store owner lives on the other side of the mountain. He was all salesman when I went in but after I tested the bikes I could see his real enthusiasm about the brand. I'll be testing other bikes but have to travel further. I rode the Interceptor and City. Liked them both. I thought a rear mounted battery was going to be an issue but it was not. Next month they will be offering an upgraded wheel, mag wheels that look cool. I'm not making a decision until I've tested them all and a conversion with the Bionx 500 D series. Thank you all for your help so far, this is a great group! Have a great weekend!
Great! Did you try the step-thru frame? Or are you comfortable with the Diamond shape? Personally I'm excited about the Magnesium Alloy wheels because they never have to be 'trued' and can support 400 lbs! that means, if I buy, I can pack some s*it on it and not worry about weighing the beast down.
i have a rear basket and front basket for shopping on my bike now. It's too heavy when i have groceries and i don't feel safe. i need a motor. it won't be until the end of summer. i have to save. maybe longer. the diamond shape it low enough for me to mount.
the diamond shape is low enough for me to mount.

I used to ride 20+ mph diamond frame bikes, also a carbon recumbent high racer, which I rode almost lying on my back, feet elevated, sticking straight out front of me. When I got my first electric bike, a Pedego Interceptor III, I chose the step through version. Why the step through? Safety, safety, safety! I easily stop and start, get on and off in crowded traffic and for unexpected sudden stops. Full disclosure: at age 86 I'm a little less limber although I still do weights 3 times a week.