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I currently have a Tern HSD S8i. I use it almost daily and mostly for commuting to work. I have had this bike for two years and so far it has been utterly reliable in the most atrocious weather & road conditions. But I have a hankering for a GSD because of the extra battery. The better Bosch system and the more powerful motors.

But I think I want talking out of it as it will mean dipping deeply into my pockets. And im not certain what actual benefits it will bring. I mostly feel frustrated by the limited battery range the 400w gives. Perhaps I should just invest in a used 500w battery.

Did you make the jump. Im interested in your thoughts either way.
In 2020 I bought my girlfriend a Tern HSD S+. She liked it a lot and rode it frequently until last year. (She decided to stop riding bikes because of the danger of breaking bones due to osteoporosis.) I rode the bike occasionally and my disppointment was primarily the wimpy Bosch Active Line motor. Such a weak motor seemed inappropriate in a cargo bike, specially when loaded down with stuff or a passenger.

Last year I bought a Yuba Spicy Curry AT, a bike fitted with a stronger Bosch Cargo Line motor. I opted to have two 500WH batteries installed, and I'm glad I did. The two batteries work together, alternating powering the bike every few miles. No more range anxiety, and I have the torque I need when loaded with cargo or passengers!

So, @macp I encourage you to upgrade to the Tern GSD with the Bosch Cargo Line motor and dual batteries. You won't regret it.

As for my girlfriend's unused Tern HSD S+, I just shipped it to my daughter. She is a younger and stronger rider, and the Tern HSD will be an upgrade from her Radwagon, which was stolen.
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Thankyou so much for taking the time to reply. I will continue to mull it over. But I love the combination of the Nexus hub and CDX carbon drive on my HSD. So far its been so reliable despite such poor weather conditions. The Active Line Plus motor is generally pretty good. But then I have not tried the Cargo Line to compare. But I would imagine the difference of 50Nm in the ALP vs 85Nm in the CL must be very tangible. For me had they put the CL or performance line motor in the HSD with the Nexus hub and CDX drive it would have been perfect.
Yes, I forgot that the 2020-2021 HSD's with only 50Nm of torque was called the Bosch Active Line (not the Performance Line). I edited my post above to reflect that. It appears that some (but not all) current HSD's models have the Performance Line motor with 65Nm of torque. Still, the 85Nm Cargo Line motor is the one to get for a cargo bike, and unfortunately you have to go up to the GSD models to get it.
Apologies I didnt mean to catch you out. But yes the GSD seems to be my only option. Except for Riese & Muller. Which are even more expensive than Tern. So completely out of the question monetarily.