Technical specs support phone # on 2016 HAIBIKE USA bikes? (XDURO Nduro PRO)


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Have already spoken to USA sales director @ HAIBIKE & found web-site for European model bikes, but need technical data on 2016 USA models?
If anyone has local or out country #, or web-site that I have not found? Have most of questions answered but, have most important ones not?
The bike that I want really needs to be special ordered or mortified at supplier / factory...A XDURO Nduro PRO - 180MM travel not the DWNHILL PRO with 200MM travel, double crown fork.

Eruo Website
Eruo bike

Any Help would be appreciated, but no I think so answerers or not needed!
Please give me a support phone #, sales director has not or cannot help enough?
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I got to check out both of these bikes at Eurobike and they will be at Interbike as well. did you have any specific questions? Feel free to message me and I will be happy to assist. I'm not sure what your specific requests are, but I doubt Haibike will make any modifications in their production run. That doesn't prevent changes at the dealer level though. We make many changes quite often.

Let me know if I can help.
Dear Chris Nolte,

I am desperate for answers! to very technical questions on 2016 USA Haibike model ( XDURO Nduro PRO ), the 180 mm travel bike, NOT the 200 mm ( XDURO DNWHILL PRO ) model.

Please reply directly to my e-mail address [email protected] to communicate one on one with each other if possible?

PS: Time is a factor...I am ready to spend almost $10,000 TODAY! on 2015 model or wait till 2016?

from Florida.
Hi Richard,

I tried to email you this weekend. Give me a call at the shop if you still need help 718-643-4542