Switch and adjust gears


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An e-bike's handlebars allow you to control the gears and pedal assist system. The lower the shift lever number on an electric bicycle, the easier it is to pedal. The number of gears is directly related to the difficulty of motor work.
The lower the gear, the more your e-bike relies on the motor, which drains the battery. When your gears are set to a higher number, you will need more pedals, extending battery life. When you reach the top of the hill and start to descend, you should set the gear to a higher position and give the motor a rest.In high gear, you will encounter more resistance, which will make the pedal more difficult. Change low gear before stopping. If your bike is in high gear, it can be challenging to gain the momentum needed to start from a stationary position. To avoid this problem, shift to a lower gear before you stop, but your bike is still moving.