Surface604 Boar Long Term Review

I've been riding a Surface 604 Boar since January and would be happy to answer any questions about it.

I have three videos posted so far, with a couple of more than I need to edit still:


Beach Ride:
Trail Ride:

As you can see from the trail ride video, there are some pretty rough trails around here and it has handled them very well. It is surprisingly agile, and it has been a great "errand" bike for picking up groceries and taking my daughter to school (especially in the rain). For the price, I've been really impressed with it.

Since I also ride a 29er hard tail with a Bosch mid-drive, the only criticism I have of the bike is that I prefer the advantages of the Bosch system to a rear hub motor (more torque, leverage your gears and wheels that are easy to remove). However, that adds a lot to the price and for most trails, the rear hub has worked very well for me.

I really like having the torque sensor, and I don't miss having a throttle at all. I also like the fact that a spare battery is almost half the price of the Bosch spare battery. If it were my only bike, I would probably add the RST suspension fork, but with low enough tire pressure, it performs well on most rough trails.

The custom aluminum fenders are great for commuting, but I prefer not to have them for off-road. I almost always have the rear rack on for convenience, but the front rack takes some getting used to - it just looks strange having it there when you are riding!