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I was visiting "The Bikers Edge" my local bike shop. I was talking to the owner who said that he has been selling a lot of gasoline kits for bikes. He pointed to one bike he has been setting up and I had to take a pic and share it with you. This is a Honda 4 Stroke 50cc engine. Does 20 to 22 mph. What do you think of that?
2015-01-07 16.08.20.jpg
I've never been a fan of the 4 stroke motor bicycles, mainly because they have to use centrifugal clutches. The 2 stroke china girl kits have nicer motorcycle style clutches built into the engine. Speed really isn't an issue. With the right gearing and a little work people get the 2 stroke, or 4 strokes up to 40 mph without much trouble. Their safety just depends on your skill as a builder, and how much money you're prepared to spend.

The biggest limitation for me is, you can't ride one on a city bike trail under power, without drawing the ire of everyone that sees you.

In comparison, I can ride my electric at sensible speeds on any trail, and because it's silent no one even looks at me twice.