Stromer ST3 rear tire removal


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I recently bought an ST3 and want to learn how to remove the rear wheel in case I have a flat tire. Any input/instruction is appreciated.
On my st2 it made it easier to flip it upside down on the handlebars just be careful of the components.
I have done the rear tire on my ST-2 release twice upside down. It worked pretty good, but you have to pay attention to the rearrangement when replacing and make sure that the left side removal has a thin washer that you do not wish to lose it to remove. I am guessing that the ST-3 has a different removal from the ST-2 electric removal. There was a silver removal switch in the removal that unhinged the electric which I think has a different release on the electric removal?
Thank you for the input. I am going to try and remove and reinstall the rear wheel this weekend. Better to learn in my garage as opposed to on the trail.
Assuming bike is upside-down (left side is drive side and right side is non-drive side)...

Put chain on smallest rear cog.
Use T-70+1/2 wrench to remove rear thru axle.
Unattach data/electric cable on right side (may need to remove zip tie)...take note of cable orientation from axle.
Remove wheel, straighten out rear derailleur to help with removal.
Be careful removing wheel as the cog is not held in and will slide off axle and fall to the floor.

Now to put wheel back, do the above in reverse with special notes -
you may be able to expand/spread out the rear drop outs to help orient wheel when putting it back on. ensure data cable is in the same orientation/location. be careful you put put the jagged washers into each other on right hand side (spreading dropouts may help to do this). when attaching data cable, make sure you have a tie-wrap to keep this cable from touching the brake disc. make sure rear cog/gears are all the way against the hub as you tighten up the axel...this will cause the rear drop outs to squeeze the cog in place.

I know this might be over-kill, but it is a bit of a different beast.
best of luck.
To make live a lot easier, I'd removed the chain first.
The rear wheel is heavy and hard to manipulate with the chain in the way...

Does the st3 rear wheel have a lock ring for the free hub?
The ST5 does not, so if you are not careful, the freehub and cassette can free fall out spilling all the small bits...

To take the chain off, get a pair of chain pliers for a few dollars.
Dropping the chain is less than 10 seconds.