Stromer ST2 Sport for Sale - SOLD


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Stromer ST2 S, 22 inch (large) frame, approximately 1,100 miles. Super fast, long range urban commuter. Bike is in great condition, never had any issues. Anything you could possible want to know about the specs of the bike can be found in Court's review:


- Stromer Suspension Fork (I found this critical for urban commutes with rough roads, pot holes, etc.)

- Kinect Suspension Seat Post (ditto)

- Ritchey Adjustable Stem

- Racktime Snapit Adaptor (not pictured)

- Extra Stromer Charger (one for home and one for work)

- Spurcycle Bell

- Omni C Display

I also have the original carbon fork.

Price: $4,500. Bike is located in lower Westchester, NY, about 30 minutes from NYC. Why am I selling? I have three e-bikes and to preserve marital harmony, I need to thin the herd.

Left Side.jpg
Right Side.jpg
High Beams.jpg
Kinect Suspension.jpg
M99 Pro Supernova.jpg
Magura Brakes.jpg
Omni Color Display.jpg
Ritchey Adjustable Stem.jpg
Spurcycle Bell.jpg
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That's a nice bike. Wish I was local as it's tempting.

Your other ebikes are more desirable than this? Wow, if you don't mind saying what are your other bikes?
Thanks, I have a Luna Apollo and a Watt Wagon (on the way). I would not say these bikes are more desirable than the Stromer, just different.