Step-Thru, Brooks Saddle, Thudbuster, panniers, ht.


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Here are 2 Brooks Saddles (wife’s lighter, mine darker) mounted on Thudbuster (older - long throw) 27.2mm posts, which will fit 31.8 Step-Thru seat tubes when fitted with Cane Creek 27.2 / 31.8 shims, which we have ordered.(Seats/Thudbusters previously used on our Bike Friday Pocket Llamas, with 27.2 / 28.6 shims.)

The absolute minimum height, from the ground to the top of these seats is +/- 34 inches, with the Thudbusters contacting the seat tube.
This ht will vary with seat thickness, or with different post suspension mechanisms.

The oxidized brass rivets on the Brooks saddle can be made quite bright with a pencil eraser, but the one I “erased” for the picture was not captured well by the camera ( ...too much reflected light from the shine of the seat itself). They look really nice when the polished rivets contrast with the dark leather of the seat. Wife’s seat has silver(chrome plated?) rivets. I mean her bike’s seat of course, …what are you,weird? :)

The Panniers from Lectric are mounted at the very rear of the rack, which is to minimize heel-strike when pedaling.
Not extra classy, but a nice match to the black bike, and spiffy enough considering the
cost (free with the bike) ;-)

Will try to post images below:


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Do you know if the newer models being shipped are coming with panniers? I heard not.

Received our 2 Step-Thrus 9/9/20.
Have only opened 1 box of the 2, but it contained panniers. Were not ordered, but showed up (Free!).
Good luck ;-)

EDIT - Just opened 2nd box to check.Both bikes came with panniers! :)
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