ST2 replacement brake lever/parts list?


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So this morning I fell over and busted my right/rear brake lever blade. Snapped at the pivot point. I'd like to order a replacement part and since everything ebike related scares bike shops, I think I need to find something online. Can anyone help me find this? I saw that has a similar part but it's in Canada and it's not for the ST2. Mine looks slightly different.

I recall at some point I found a PDF here with a parts list for the ST2 but I can't seem to locate it now. Anyone have it? Maybe my local shop can order the part. Thanks all.
I looked up an authorized Stromer dealer on their site and found a bike shop that is ordering the part for me. Just in case someone else runs into this problem, thought I'd put it out there.
I ran into this problem too with my ST1 Magura Mt2 brakes. I broke half of the aluminum rear brake lever. I ordered a full set of both front and rear brakes and rotors on eBay. I then sold the rest of the parts on eBay to someone else who needed them. I netted a $20 loss in order to find the part that was no longer available by piece from the manufacturer.
I had a similar issue a couple of days ago. The Shimano Deore BL-M615 Brake Lever - clamp fractured.
No repair could be done, just a replacement. I had my local bike shop order a replacement.
The new Shimano Deore Brake lever looks a bit different from the original M615 Deore ... but not too much. (see images)

This time, I did not tighten the clamps down as much, leaving them loose enough so they are able to move with impact instead of break.
They still require a considerable amount of force to move so they stay in place under normal circumstances.


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My lever broke in the same place. Bike shop guy said this is a known problem as the aluminum can't take a drop and they break easily. I wonder if the MT5 upgrade has similar problems. I don't plan on dropping the bike again but I would hate to have to replace this again. Quite a hassle.