ST 1 14.5amp battery or controller issues

Recently I have had a somewhat dramatic deline in both of my "gold" ST 1 batteries. They are both one year old with approx. 100 cycles on each. I used to get 70-75 miles per charge and now all of a sudden both have dropped to approx. 50-60 miles per charge. Power and response of the bike feel normal. Also, recently when I install a fully charged batter ( 41.6 volts) my controller shows 10% remaining charge with three arrows on the "recoup" showing. If I ride the bike everything feels normal and usually the controller display comes back to normal showing 90-100 % charge with the discharge arrows disappearing. Anybody have any experience with this issue weather it's battery or controller problems. Seems like it wouldn't point to batteries since both batteries behave the same. Bike was just into the shop for it's one year check up with no issues.
Thanks for any help and or solutions.