Specialized SWorks - FSR XC - Year 2000- want to add BBSHD - help

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Hi Everyone!

I'm new to the world of E-bikes but am very interested in purchasing one in the near future. I was looking at complete e-bikes, when I realized that I still have a like new Specialized Sworks FSR XC that I purchased in 2000.

My question is, would it be possible for me to install the BBSHD without too much effort on this bike? Or for the same money, around $1100- should I look to getting a complete e-bike?

I realize my Sworks is an awesome bike- just didnt know if I needed to go through the hassle (and expense) of switching my brakes to disk brakes, and other costly adjustments. The small frame opening also presents a problem and I will have to find a place for the controller and battery (the battery my have to be on a rear rack)- any suggestions or recommendations for these would be greatly appreciated too.

The bike in question is found here:


Brakes : Shimano XTR V-Brake brakes, Shimano XTR levers

(I'm thinking about getting the BBSHD kit from Lunacycles btw)



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On a BBS02 or BBSHD, the controller is inside the motor. Maybe you want to find the dimensions of common batteries like the shark or dolphin and see if there is room inside that triangle.

A seat post rack, with 7 or 8 pound battery on it, does not seem too sturdy to me, but I've never looked closely at post racks. I would think it needs a diagonal brace.

In my view, there is no need to change your brake layout if they work well. You can buy a brake sensor that fits on the cable, and preserve your existing levers, which is a good idea when you have good ones. The Wuxing levers on my Bafang kit are low cost units.
Do you need the extra power, size, and weight of a BBSHD? On the other hand, it may be a more robust design.