Source for magnetic rubber plug?


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I have already lost two of the magnetic rubber plugs that cover the charging port on the bike and on the battery.

Anyone have any idea where replacements can be purchased? I imagine maybe I can get one from Specialized, but I was wondering if there are alternatives.
The dealer has to order them as a spare part. I ordered two after I went through the lost found cycle. I drilled a small hole through the middle finger grip and attached a 3/64 (1.2mm) nylon cord keeper attached to the lighting cable. Every so often I see it dangling when I forgot to put it back.
I have the same problem, I am constantly dropping it somewhere, but so far I've found it. They should have put some sort of magnetic nest into the bike body (for example a fake power socket opposite to the power socket) where it would stick properly while charging and would not drop even if forgotten there after charging. There is one slightly magnetic spot near the power switch but it sticks there very weakly.