SOS! So much choice, so little I know - Seeking fat ebike


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I am a complete beginner to ebikes and have lost myself in trying to understand all the different options too quickly. And hoping that I can gain guidance from the seemingly knowledgable community here!

I live in Melbourne, Australia and recently earned myself a 6 month suspension from my beloved FZ1 motorcycle. Rather than accept the horror of public transport I am compelled to purchase an ebike. Understanding the laws...I remain eager upon finding a 1000W+ fat tyre ebike. My physio had one made by a pal for him a year ago for $2000, and I have always liked the look of the thing.

I do require pedal assist as need to ride the bike not just become the passenger, though to have the power there will be perfect.

Presently, I have little idea if they will fit together, or how the ride will be, but with pedal assist, a fair amount of power and a lovely looking bike I have come across these options:>

(Link Removed - No Longer Exists)

(Link Removed - No Longer Exists)

Or is there an option already available which comes as a complete package within my price range? If so, please show me the light!

Although this one has smaller tyres, it seems a good deal? A bit of oomph? And likely comfortable enough for my 16km round trip commute?

I am 5ft 10 and around 10 stone...really just want something which will allow me to cruise more than pedal! My commute is a 6km straight well away from prying eyes on the road, then a 3km CBD stretch with a lot of tram lines, which is partly why I like the fat tyres.

Can I get a simple to install front wheel kit to apply to the bike mentioned or another with fat tyres another could suggest?

Kindly help me!
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I've always like the ideal of adding a mid-drive kit to an already existing fat tire bike. Most ebikes in the $2000 price range will not be top of the line parts for the bike since most of the money was spent on the ebike components. I have a $1500 Radrover and the bike is probably in the $500-$700 range compared to the electric drive system.

I still have a 6 months left on my warranty and I already replaced my controller, left pedal crank, and wiring harness under warranty. If my Radrover dies after the warranty period, I will most likely convert into a Bafang BBSHD mid-drive 1000w, starting at $700, from Luna Cycle:

You can then purchase an excellent new/used full suspension MTB or full suspension fat tire bike, add the mid-drive, and have the power to handle any hill.
I may only have the bike for 6 months, depends how much I enjoy it, hence my aim is to find either a decent deal for around $2000 or to find a package simple to put together of fat tyre MTB and ebike kit for either front or rear wheel.

So I am seeking advice on achieving this aim!

The bike and ebike kit, simple for a novice to install. Leaning very much towards a fat tyre!
mr gold, the suggestion seems within my budget. The question the installation of a mid drive a fairly simple affair?

I have seen plenty of front wheel motor hubs, some for fat tyres, which look the most simple install? Perhaps I would be better going with that option!

or just picking up the dilenger package for $2000 I linked too above. It has suspension and a 1000W motor.
I did not see a fat bike rim on the dillenger link?
If you are a motorcycle guy by nature, I would think you would want a luna or similar mid drive kit, bbshd.
I've not installed one, and am an experienced mechanic, but it sure does not look difficult *provided* you get the specialized tools with the kit, and have the local bike shop take apart the bottom bracket for you. Plenty of you tube videos to see what's involved. IIRC, luna has a distribution area in your neck of the woods.
No indeed, mate! I just have found that the Dillenger deal seemed a decent price and choice for my needs? Enough power, though I don't understand the 500W/1000W, as in how I change this other than through the selection of pedal assist.

My research has led me to of course the bafang HD and 02. Yet the install seems perhaps tricky, unless I can source a bike which it fits perfectly. The 02 is very tricky to fit on a fat bike, but I am not dead set on a fat bike. The HD is moving close to my price limit, yet works with a fat bike.

And then there are the front wheel kits, for fat bikes which I could apply to the Crack fat bike I included in my original post. Does this seem my best bet? A fat bike with throttle and power for the front but still use of the pedals? Pedal then coast, pedal and apply some extra power?

I remain, dizzied by the amount of options...sent word to a chap with a velocity fitted to a MTB with front disc brakes, rear V brakes and switch to flick between 250W and 3000W!

Still do not know where to head. So please any others, send word!
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