Sondors has dropped the ball


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I spoke with a representative yesterday and he admitted to me that Sondors has dropped the ball and failed its customers in terms of communication and customer service and that they realize there is a serious problem and they are in the process of trying to make it better figuring out how they can better communicate moving forward.

There's been a lot of complaints and cancellations and I think the cancellations are escalating quickly.

I called to cancel my order and the rep kept telling me that he knew I had done my research and knew that I knew that I was getting tremendous value and he wanted me to not cancel my order so that I could realize that value once the bike was delivered. He also touch base on the ethics aspect and told me that I had committed to a purchase and that I should follow through.

I didn't think of it at the time but if we want to discuss ethics we could start with a company taking our money forthwith and having it wrapped up for upwards or even over a year before its customers ever see the product.

Sondors needs to tell everyone and make a broad announcement saying exactly what they told me yesterday and admit to dropping the ball in a widespread fashion and openly and freely talk about its failure to serve its customers properly.

Now is the time to step up. Make.a widespread honest and open and public announcement and then reach down and pick up the ball and get your act together fast and tell us exactly what you're doing and when in these forthcoming customer improvements.

We don't want to see or hear further stall tactics on the customer service front.
I fail to see how one can realize the value of a product one might never receive.
The question is did you cancel the order?
Bill, I did not.
If my bike gets pushed back beyond the end of October then I am canceling for sure and I told the representative just that.
He said "fair enough. That's perfectly understandable"
It's going to be impossible for them to ship all the bikes that they're telling customers about, all in October.
It's not logistically feasible and they need to be upfront about that instead of tossing out hope pellets and hoping we'll pounce like pigeons.

Have you all had anybody ever call and say that they are on their way over to your house and we'll be there within a half an hour and then an hour and a half later they call and say hey we're just 15 minutes away we're on our way only to have them call back 45 minutes later and give one excuse after another as to why they aren't there yet?

Ok, now pretend they have $2,000 of your money and are pulling the same stall tactics.

Just be seriously brutally up front if that's what you have to be because I would rather have that than stall tactics and hope pellets.
No, this fella is not saying that this is a pyramid scheme or that no one will ever get their bikes. He's focusing on the customer service aspect in the video.
This is why I don’t buy things where I put big money up front and hope/wait for a possible return, especially in the COVID age! It might cost more but at least you can see it before you hand over your money.
Best of luck!
Yesterday, I decided to drive by Sondors store listed in a search.

2710 Yates Ave
Commerce, CA 90040
United States

I was surprised as I understood their locations was somewhere in Malibu. Anyway, I own an XS Fat Tire and wanted a few accessories for my bike. I had a few spec questions and sent them an inquiry via the website. A few weeks went by with no response. Honestly, I had forgotten I sent the request. Once I remembered, I decided to call. “Hey I want to buy your stuff but have a couple questions. Please call” kind of message. No one answered. A couple days go by, still no response. Now I’m curious…. I called again and was sent to a voicemail. I called every extension option and they all vent to voicemail. Hmmmm….

I looked them up and they listed a location in Commerce, CA. I was down in the OC and was about to head north to the San Gabriel Valley area and would be driving semi close to Commerce. I decided to take a detour to visit the location. “Maybe I could buy what I want there and speak to someone?” Seemed reasonable…

When I arrived at the above location, I was completely taken back. Shock is an understatement. The listed address was in a warehouse/industrial area covered in graffiti, trash all around, and completely filthy. I am so glad I had taken my wife with me for this trip (She owns an Easy Step). I would not go near the place at sundown. I took 2 pictures to document.

What am I left with..? I wonder if we bought the right bikes? We love the bikes, but there has been zero support or return contact. The lack of anyone answering their calls, voicemails, email response, and now the filthy store front has left more questions than answers.

I dislike posting these types of things and don’t want to cause harm to a local business. But, I feel a greater responsibility to fellow customers and potential customers to share my experience.

Sondors, you make a good product. That is only 80% of the sale. The remaining 20% is customer service. And one can’t exist without the other. I wish you the best but you need to reply to customers who want to voluntarily give you their money.


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So did you try to speak with anyone when you arrived? Was the store empty, no people? Maybe I missed something, but i re-read the post and am curious to what happened after you took the pics. Yes, I used to go to Commerce and Lynnwood to do with work years back, had to careful even 30 years ago.
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I knocked on the door. No answer. Additionally there was so much trash in the entryway, it didn’t look like the doors have been opened in some time.