Some project advice needed please.


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Totally new to e bikes. But I'll be 70 next bday with a bum knee and would like to keep riding with a little occasional help. Hence the interest in these bikes. I also like projects.

I use my bike for fairly short rides, a little off road in Florida. Semi hard trails with some sand but few small hills. Weight is important as I'd like to throw it in back of my camper tow vehicle. Noise is somewhat important as I use the bike turkey hunting also. Range and speed aren't high priority. 15 miles probably fine for range. Also like low drag as I'll be pedaling as much as I can for the excersize.
Pretty good mechanically with a basic machine shop, tig welder etc. I decided to keep my pedal bike as is and buy a different bike to build, so that advice on a good frame is welcome too. Was thinking about a folding frame?? For carry and storage. I weigh 180# mol

Some great knowledge here and a friendly atmosphere so often lacking on the web. Congrats.
And thanks for any help.
Happy 70th birthday Greg.

I'm daydreaming about a folder too. Don't need one, but I could toss a folder in the back of the car for a occasional overnite trips where the golf clubs take up all the room. Than I ask, do I want to put a motor on it. Maybe a small 350 motor, and I can get do a 20 miles pedaling with small battery.

Might be better to try a motor on a regular bike first. For easiest pedalling, I would suggest a geared motor as geared motors have little drag. That will add about 7 pounds, and the battery and rest of kit adds 8 pounds. It will feel like a bike that's 15 pounds heavier.

This ebay guy has a geared motor kit, about $290, which I think is expensive as I have bought a similar one for under $200, but geared motors seem to get higher prices. He's in FL, maybe close to you.
(Link Removed - No Longer Exists)

It's also a 48V kit, so you can get a battery from a US seller like lunacycle. Around $450.

Steel frames are good for a first time builder because (a) might have to bend a frame to fit a motor, and (b) not likely to rip out the frame with a poorly installed motor. I've had to do (a) twice. Hope I never see (b). Also, you don't have to have the lightest frame because you are doubling the power with even the smallest motors. Rim brakes will stop you fine from under 20 mph.

You can upgrade to disk brakes, and add the $100 Indian spoke bell later if you get into the custom mod.