Some Mainstream Coverage of Electric Bikes



A Pittsburgh woman has an ace in the hold of her bike for keeping up with her hardcore cyclist husband on a 100-mile-a-day ride across the U.S.

Cathy Rogers, 57, who describes herself as “a casual cyclist” left Redmond on Monday and plans to ride into Spokane today with 13 other cyclists in The Big Ride Across America fundraiser for the American Lung Association.

She’ll be keeping up with the hot-shot riders en route to Washington, D.C., with a boost from a Pedego electric bike.

The cruiser bike has a motor powered by a 48-volt battery that will power her 20 to 30 miles on a charge without pedaling. She plans to use the throttle only to boost her through headwinds and over hills to keep pace with the pack. :D
Good for her! Its a perfect blend of a great workout and technology allowing it to happen
Neat stuff! Thanks for sharing. I moved this thread to the Other section and updated the title. I guess this is kind of newsy and I don't have a "news" section per say. Hope this makes sense with the updates I made. Excited to see the IKEA bike in person sometime soon :)