SOLVED: Can I buy a Gen 4 chainring and use it on a Gen 3 motor?


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I'm about to change my chain, casette and chainring on my Cube Cross Hybrid One 500:

I'm not a seasoned bike mechanic, but I'm learning, which can be quite a steep learning curve at times. Not the mechanical part of it, but the technical part when trying to find the right bikeparts and tools.

I've found a chain and casette that should fit, but the chainring I bought doesn't. So I researched some more and found out I have to use chainring especially made for E-bikes? Well, I began searching for that and I found a chainring suitable for Bosch Gen 4 motors with 38T, 9 speed. Mine is a Gen 3. Does this matter?

Also, do you recommend any tools for changing the chainring? I have bought what was recommended from a Park Tools video, but any first hand experience from you guys would be appreciated.

TL;DR: Title.

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Edit: I finally found the right one, I hope. I had to search for "KMC Bosch Gen3". The KMC made the difference in my searches, apparently.
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