SOLD Qualisport Nemo in Arizona


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picked this up to try and get my short senior mother to get into ebiking, she wont even try it..

nice bike, has 59 miles i think

looks almost new
31lbs, white
have charger, manual etc

this is probably true of all these low power bikes but it seems to have decently controlled pas and throttle, impressed with it enough that i might consider a volador for a light folder in the future

have only ridden it on the pavement but seems pretty smooth with these wider tires

i work all over AZ in phx, tucson, benson, flagstaff etc can meet a lot of places

725 obo
will not accept lowball offers, not a huge deal if i keep it, pretty cool little bike

would consider working a trade on a 20 inch fat tire i could use for the beach , 500 watt or higher motor