SOLD ------- 2021 Dual-Battery, Blix Packa for sale - local area pickup


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San Antonio
We purchased two Dual-Battery Blix Packas with hopes of riding them together. But my wife's skill level doesn't fit with her ability to ride hers alone. So we're offering it for sale and getting her an E-Trike instead. Her Packa [the one on the left in the picture] has only 11 miles on the odometer that I put on it to test it out. We only purchased accessories for my bike, so this one only has what comes standard with the Dual-Battery version: owners' manual, battery charger, toolkit and, of course, two sets of keys to the battery locks.

We have a bike rack that we're willing to use to transport the bike to the new owner [within reason] in the Greater San Antonio, Texas area, but would prefer that the buyer be prepared to transport the bike themselves.

We waited over 90 days to receive our bikes due to supply chain issues. This bike is available today - fully assembled & tested - for $1,600 (which is ~$300 under cost).

SOLD 6/5/21


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