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When we decide to buy an electrical bike, color is also one of important things. Black is a basic color for every stuff, so do electrical bike. Black is become a common and popular color, not only we can find on the electrical bike, but also on other things. Besides black, white is also another basic color for every stuff. Black and white are a pair of classical color for everything. You can also choose to the same color of the bike components depend on your bike frame color, like the color of bike motor, crankset and mudguard. And here will share you something about the color of electrical bike. hopefully it can help you how to choose the color of electrical bike.

First of all, you need to consider your favorite. If you like bright colors, you can choose red, yellow and white. If you don't like too bright and prefer concise, then black and white will be your best choice and friend. Which color would you like, it also depend on your mind. Someone like blue and someone like white. If you want to buy one white electric bike. LUCKY! Here will show you some white Shuangye electrical bikes with picture.

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If you are living in city or flat terrain, the Shuangye A3AL24 city electrical bike is a great choice. It is classic city frame design sports an anti-slip 24 inch puncture proof tires and a powerful brushless geared hub motor. And it offer 250W-350W motor power, you can choose one of them base on your local legal. The Shuangye A3AL24 can reach up to 20 per hour and travels up to 25 miles using throttle alone on the flat road under 250W motor power. Of course, you can travel longer distances by pedaling in pedal assist mode, this model has 5 levels of pedal assist so you can find your sweet spot no matter where you take it. It is a good choice for youth or old riders.
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Small and fat tire folding electrical bike is you like, maybe Shuangye A7AM20 is a great for you. The fat tire folding electrical bike being compact and easy to store and carry. And it features 20-inch rims with 4-inch wide Kendra Fat tires, so there is no lack of traction, it adapt different terrains. It equipped with 250W-500W brushless hub motor and 36V/48V 10AH/13AH that gives it a maximum range of 40-60 miles on a single charge combine with Assisted Mode and E-bike Mode. you can easily ride through narrow streets and around traffic with ease. The best of all, it folds and easily fits into car trunk. The Shuangye A7AM20 is an great fat tire electrical bike ride for apartment dwellers, students, and commuters.
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28 inch big size wheel, low-key classic urban bike lightweight aluminum alloy frame and equipped with hidden battery are Shuangye A3AL28 character. It is a great choice for those who enjoy the ride and elegance of bikes. You would fall in love with it if want a simple bike for daily driving. It features high-performance dual disc brakes, 7-speed Shimano gearing, and a lightweight alloy frame. This electrical bike still features convenient features like a thumb throttle and pedal assist as same as other bike, and it can travel up to a respectable 25 miles on a single charge.

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Shuangye A6AH26 with 26 inch typical mountain electrical bike wheel and high performance maybe suit those who like use it in different situation. The 26-inch rims ensure that the electrical bike travels over any terrain or bumpy roads. If you like big wheel you can choose 27.5 inch and 29 inch. Look like as a normal bike is its the biggest character. The 36V 9AH battery hide in the bike frame that can reach 25km/h - 35km/h when your motor is 250W-500W. It has a thumb throttle and pedal-assist function that makes it possible to do speedy commutes or sprints even in adverse terrain or conditions. For night riding, it adopt with 3W LED front light and USB Port for Charging Your Phone on the Go.

They are also have black color, if you want to other color, we also accept customized color but the premise is that the order quantity is large enough. If you want to know more electrical bikes, come and visit to our Official Website.
I agree, am all for white bikes and brightly colored bikes for safety

why not in the US?
I would always buy white over a dark color
I have nothing against white.
The battery in 24" model is very well hidden. Is it in the seat tube?

The specs for 24" model are Here.
$850 price is on the higher end.
I wonder how realistic is claimed 80km range with 240WH battery. "Probably" possible in theory, on a perfect terrain and with much sweat.

Edit-PS: Here is an Article on how Japanese Bridgestone TB1E made 135 km using 25% of 400WH battery. The motor is probably 250W-350W (with regen but this couldn't have contributed much on the flat terrain).
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