Show us pictures of your cockpit!

Stefan Mikes

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Mazovia, Poland
Aesthetically clean or crammed with all imaginable gadgets? Show us pictures of your cockpit!


The cockpit of my Lovelec Diadem is totally crammed, partly because of the optical gear indicators that take up a lot of space. Besides, I don't know how to turn the handlebar grips to more appropriate position. Advices?


The Vado's cockpit is clean. I don't even need to mount the CatEye headlight as the original 600 lm lamp is strong enough.
I hope to get the new bosch display then I can get rid of the gps. the headlight is used as a flasher and backup and it and the tail light are connected the gps so they turn on and off with the gps. then the remote for my lumos helmet.


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I added the mirror, the small blue flashing led light for riding at night and the clown horn. My Voltbike Bravo came with the compass which is also a little flick bell that no one pays attention to....


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Impressive, @SanSan! A question: Why is your mirror at the right-hand side?
P.S. Ignore the question. You use two mirrors ;)
I took a shot this morning at 5:20am just a few miles into a 26 mile early morning ride.

Left to right you can see:

Light (Raveman brand - very nice) with 3 hours remaining
Light (barely visible under the first light - from Banggood a few years ago)
Controls for Giant Road-E+ 1 Pro bike (about 14 months old - 9,000 + miles)
Display for ebike
Garmin GPS/speedometer/computer (model Edge 1000 - can easily be swapped between bikes)
DMR HotSpot with Color Display - this unit is part of my ham radio equipment that allows me to talk to other hams throughout the world as I ride - great fun!
Additional DMR equipment includes a small handheld radio (Radioddity GD-73A) in my back pocket - it is connected to a headset microphone & earpiece



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Cockpit on my Riese & Muller Delight Mountain - from Left to right

  • SQ Labs grips
  • Selle Italia Eyelink mirror
  • Wolf Tooth dropper post lever
  • Bosch control pad
  • Spurcycle bell
  • Minaura camera mount
  • Horn button
  • Bosch Nyon Display
  • Light & Motion Seca 1800 - ebike light (above Nyon)
  • Stem Captain thermometer (on stem cap)
  • Fabric water bottle (font left side of top tube)
  • Clearon Bluetooth Speaker (opposite water bottle)
  • Quad Lock phone mount
  • Control pad for Clearon Speaker
  • SHIMANO XT SL-M8000 shifter

Ah. Not for me. I like silence. Occasionally broken with a female voice: "Thirty five kilometers in one hour and thirty minutes. Average speed twenty-three point forty six kilometers per hour" ;)
Here's my cockpit. I prefer a clean layout. The position of my cellphone/slash bike computer holder required me to add an extension bar where I could mount the Intuvia head-unit and my horn. I have a two stage warning system, a small bell for initial hello and the horn for the cars and the i-zombies.


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