Shipping Lithium Battery problems and Hazmat rules


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Ups and FedEx now want electric bikes with batteries shipped as dangerous cargo with Hazmat documentation. Seems like most of the electric bikes are being shipped illegally as regular bikes.

As far as I can tell you need a Hazmat contract shipper to ship the electric bike. Anything over 100 watt. Not doing so you could be held criminally libel. Ocean freight or air they are (lithium batteries) considered hazardous materials.

Is there a easier way to ship?
This is a great question... I'm honestly not sure, though I did read that you can carry on up to two Lithium batteries when flying as long as they are under 300 watt hours. I'll poke around and try to learn something about the shipping bit, a friend mentioned that most of the times they use trucks (vs. air) to send ebikes and that is expensive if batteries end up needing repairs.