Searching for a mechanic for my Ride1UP ebike sound issue. Need some suggestions and/or opinions!


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Hello everyone,

I am carrying an electric bike and the model is 700 Series by Ride1UP, additionally, I am having some issues with my electric bike. I believe that there is some sort of noise coming from the rear brakes (though, I am not quite sure why this is making the sound or exactly where it is coming from), for instance, when I ride and press the brakes, it creates a heavy metal-to-metal contact like noise as if something heavy is shaking or rubbing against the metals. I am based in Brampton, Ontario, Canada, furthermore, I had the opportunity to reach out to the local ebike shops and contacted them over the phone too. However, some said that they will be able to service this ebike but the problem is, they told me that there are certain parts that they might not have with their supplier company then I will have to purchase my own which is then an additional cost. Most of them have refused me and said that they won't be able to service this ebike, another option was given to me that if I bought an ebike from their local ebike store then they'll do it otherwise. Now I am in a state where I can't do anything because of the winter conditions. I am just waiting for summer to arrive. I would like to attach a video to show you as a reference but can't attach it for some reason :(

So, can you please help me figure out where I can find good mechanics who can maybe fix my ebike sound issues, moreover, it would be very helpful for me?

Thank you so much in advance! Looking forward to the replies!
Videos can be placed on other sites, such as youtube. Upload it and link it here. Not only can you show what's happening, you could probably watch a youtube video and learn how to adjust your own brakes in 10 minutes. I didn't know either, til I watched youtube.
The Ride1up website says the 700 series have Textro disk brakes, probably the same Aries MD 300 model on two of our ebikes.. Best case, it's a simple adjustment. Worst case, they install a better caliper. Costs all of $18USD on amazon should I need one
I've heard that bike shops often are held hostage by their supplier contracts, forcing them to buy the same parts at higher prices. That may be why the shop tells you what they tell you. Just work with the one that is willing to do it. It's not like ebikes are going away.
Maybe find a local bicycle club, they might have suggestions or could even help diagnose the problem you are having.
Since you have a shop that said they will do what they can for it, don't fret. Take it there. Chances are, they will be able to address and correct the issue without too much hassle. They are just warning you ahead of time that they can't 100% promise anything, which means they are covering their butts so you won't yell, stomp, get red in the face and threaten to sue them if your situation turns out to be one of those rare 'pink elephant' problems.
... Take it there. Chances are, they will be able to address and correct the issue without too much hassle...

Ditto on what Rexlion said.
Or, create a Youtube account and upload a video of the problem. Brake noise is pretty easy to diagnose and fix for any bike shop.
How old are your pads? Sounds like bad pads or a rotor problem.
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I have the same bike and have had a similar issue. I used a micro fiber cloth and some isopropyl alcohol to clean the rotor. They rotor could be very dirty. Clean the entire rotor, both sides, twice. When I did this, it helped. I still heard the noises, but it was a lot better.

What actually got rid of the noise was replacement of the brake pads. I think I bought them on Amazon. Check this link for more info.

These are the pads I bought.

Tektro E10.11 Disc Pads Metal Ceramic w/Springs

Now I can stop nice and quietly. :)