SDURO Trekking 6.0 Spokes

HI: Does anyone know the spoke length for the wheels on this bike? I found reference to 14ga but no length in the documents that came with the bike. I need to order some and do not have easy access to my bike right now.
Gee, how would anyone know? What year is your bike? What wheel size? What make and model rims?... and hubs?
All of the SDURO Trekking bikes are 28in wheels

I learned from calling Haibike that the wheels are not standard, so this question is now moot.

Someone with the same bike might know :)
Europe calls it 28 inch. USA it's called 700. This is a standard. It would help if you posted the rims you have and the hubs. If you have XLC EVO Hub and Alex MD21 rims, I have the spokes.