Schwalbe Super Moto-X ebike tires are back in stock!!


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It's been hard to get ebike tires during the pandemic. I'm glad to report that these are back in stock at Schwalbe:

I have them on my Pedego Interceptor and they eliminated flats for me. Just ordered a pair for my son as a Christmas gift. :)

Merry merry, and happy holidays!
The SuperMoto is a great tire.

Check out the Big Ben if you are looking for the same tread pattern with a larger range of sizes for 28" (700c) wheels.

Big Ben Plus HS 439 | Schwalbe Tires North America

just put some on my wifes bike...anyone with experience on how that are for occasional use on dirt trails?
As long as the trails have relatively even "camber," aren't super steep, and have fairly well-packed dry surfaces, slicker tires like the Moto X are okay off-road. They're great on dirt roads!
I agree. Great on hardpack, and not bad when it gets a little looser. Our bikes are maybe 90% pavement and 10% "other". I think the Super Moto X makes a great "hybrid" tire. The fact the rolling resistance is so low at 35-45psi makes them pretty attractive from my standpoint. I'm sold on the style for my purposes. Big Apple and some other similar tires seem pretty good as well.
Me three. Super Moto X and the apparently discontinued Crazy Bob were great on dirt roads and packed or deeply dusted trails.

oh... and Schwalbe is sold out of them already except for one goofy 650B size I think.
I just bought 3 on amazon yesterday in the 27.5 x 2.4, they had 16, this morning they had 1 left
i was thinking of putting a johnny watts 2.4 on the front and keeping the super moto X 2.4 on the back....any thoughts?...
I would think you would do it the other way as the X has more grip which would be more helpful in the front unless your rear tire is spinning out on step inclines made be right but i do not want to pull of the back wheel again.....that was not fun...also the 2.4 super moto has greenguard, which is better protection for the back tire., as the johnny watts only has not like to change the tire on a back hub motor wheel again if i can help it..thanks