Sand based Lithium Ion Batteries


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According to an article in, new sand based lithium batteries are three times better than the current industry standard. This battery will cost less, will be three times as energy dense, and have a lifespan three times as long. If true, we can expect a revolutionary change in how we use our electric bikes, motorcycles, cars, and other electrical devices. The original highly technical article can be found here.
That's exciting to think about... I'm glad more companies are adopting the high density Lithium-ion packs of today. It's neat that Easy Motion has packs from 2013 that are 9 amp hours and some of the new ones for 2014 are the same size, backwards compatible and nearly the same weight but offer 12 amp hours of capacity! That's a 30% increase using existing technology.

This sand stuff could be cool but there's always speculation and hyped up technology floating around in articles. I usually don't pay it much attention until it becomes real or there's some Kickstarter to make it real. There's just too much fake news and clickbait around to become emotionally invested.