San Francisco eBike Expo


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Wow, attendance was just awful. It rained Friday night, Saturday attendance was very sparse, and Sunday was worse. Where are all the eBike enthusiasts and why was attendance so dismal?
From my understanding the location was less than ideal and I imagine the promotion was minimal. I have heard of some events with a lot of success, but I heard similar reports about this one.
I'm from Albuquerque and will attend the Salt Lake City eBike expo in May. I hope they don't drop vendors or attendance is low for this one also. Looking forward to test riding different eBikes I can't find in NM.
Don't worry, vendors commit well in advance regardless of attendance. Enjoy riding all the bikes. Have fun!
Sea Otter Classic is an interesting event; however, it only happens once a year. With the Ebike Expos, a traveling event, more people have an opportunity over a year's time to visit the show. An ebike show is about everything ebike with loads of test rides on bikes that you don't get to experience in every city or bike shop. The more chances that people have to physically check out an electric bike, the better. Dispels myths and hopefully, some negative judgements about what ebikes are.

So, @mrgold35, go to that Expo! @Nutty Girl, there are lots of places to experience the side dressings of cycling but only small local events and shows like the EBike Expo to really learn about electric bikes :).
I just saw they changed the dates of the Salt Lake City eBike Expo to the following week (now on May 19th to 21st). I won't be able to make the Expo. :(