San diego /los angeles well stocked ebike stores?


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anyone living in those areas that could suggest some good bike shops that have plenty of stock and different sizes

Thank you
Not sure about San Diego, but when I was in Santa Monica I visited the Izip Store and there is another electric bike speciality shop called Electric Bike Attack that recently opened. I would check them out.
How about in between in OC? Myron's in Fullerton. Small but good variety. Sam is informed and helpful. Bikeszzz in Corona del Mar just moved from Dana Point and they had a very good inventory.
anywhere in the southern end of cali is fine

phoenix has some listed as dealers who dont have actually have much if any stock
Electric Bike Attack in Venice has a pretty good selection and a knowledgable staff. And it's right across the street from iZip and down the street from another ebike shop. Santa Monica has a handful, too. You could hit a lot of shops in an afternoon.