"S-Works" Rocket Ship, Full Carbon, at 35lbs, this ride will change your world!!!

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Rode this rocket ship today on its maiden voyage, I am still smiling. The 500 watt battery and 28 mph limit, I was riding with a group of roadies for a little bit, it got kinda boring and slow. Accelerated and and never looked back.

Finished the ride on a single charge.

61 miles with 4700 Feet of climbing, all done in 2.5 hours, Avg 19.2, Max 38.6 MPH, 2700 Calories burned, not too bad!
Di2 will take a 100 feet away from my range,,,lol... Is there a module out to connect up the battery yet?
I have no idea as that bike is news to me. Are you sure it is CF?
Screen Shot 2017-05-28 at 8.13.05 PM.png
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The Giant Road-E is not carbon, it is aluminum.

Frame ALUXX SL-grade aluminum
Fork ALUXX SL-grade aluminum, OverDrive
Those Giants are gorgeous, but three levels instead of four? Don't quite get that. I guess I've been Boschified ever since buying my Trek!
Almost got me. Thought it was a Euro model. But if you look closely at the S-Works sticker you can still make out the I-A-N-T.
Actually if everyone looks closely at the shadow behind the ending 'S' of S-Works, you see a T, that matches that of the nice Giant E-bike which is a good product built with an aluminum alloy frame, not carbon fiber and not a Specialized product. This post by @Goodair is totally bogus. Just like several members have commented about the flaws of the bike I reflect on those of the poster.
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