Rubber triangle sticker pad


While cleaning my Neo Volt, I noticed this on the ground after lightly wiping down the bike. Found this approximately under the center of the bike. It is a rubber triangle (less than 1 mm thick). Anyone know what this is, and whether it was protecting something vital?

Hey Trinity! I cannot say for sure but maybe this id a bumper designed to keep the metal parts of the frame from coming into direct contact with one another when the bike is folded? I've only folded these bikes a hand full of times and wasn't looking at the underside of the frame. Sorry for the late reply here, hope this helps! I'd love to hear back if you figure out what it is actually for :p

Great picture by the way, thanks for including the ruler for scale!
That makes sense, Court. I haven't folded my NeoVolt to check (due to the customized Thudbuster adventure), but will do so to check. I've brought the bike inside for winter hibernation, so will look more closely.
Figured it out !!!!

The triangular sticker is (was) a bumper pad that adhered to the bike frame at the indicated spot (red). I never fold my bike because of my Thudbuster "modification", so don't really need the bumper, but Court was right !!!

(Sorry the pics aren't that great...)