Rouvy, Wahoo, Zwift, RTG Cycling, Bluetooth apps for Display X


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I found six apps that recognize the Yamaha Bike’s Dislpay X: Wahoo, Zwift, Rouvy, Ride GPS, RGT Cycling and Komoot. Now, that doesn’t mean it works very well with all of them. It worked perfectly on Wahoo and Zwift. Wahoo displays Cadence, Speed, Climbing and Distance. ON APPLE TV Rouvy and Zwift work VERY well. It worked on Ride with GPS but it only displays SPEED. The RideGPS display shows “CONNECTED TO YAMAHA”. RGT also worked by displaying the cadence and POWER. RGT requires a power sensor so I needed to change the settings to CPP on the Display X bike computer in order to use RGT Cycling. On Komoot, it didn’t do anything because the Yamaha Display X only uses Komoot for NAVIGATION (which only works with Display C).

I’m excited about using my Civante on a trainer at home (when weather gets too cold outside) on apps like Zwift, Rouvy and RGT. Does anyone know of any other apps that connect to Display X on Yamaha eBikes?
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For anyone wanting Power AND Speed and Cadence data on a bike computer, the Karoo 2 bike computer shows all three when I connect it via Bluetooth using the power mode (CPP) on the Civante.