Riding my bike, stopped for a beer, then met a one-armed Indian man on the steps of the church.


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Loudoun County, VA.
I went for a bike ride this evening around 6PM. It was a beautiful evening, the sun setting, low in the sky, sunlight streaming through the beautiful trees, ligting up the green grassy banks and hills along my route. The air was clean and moist, it was a perfect evening. After 30 minutes, I was parched. I slid into this high-end bar that was open to the outside. Parked my bike, walked up to the bar and ordered a Kentucky Bourbon Ale. I slammed it down, not wanting to lose the remaining sunlight, and headed out on my bike with a nice buzz.

I decided to cruise the grasssy grounds of a nearby Christian Church. They have some nicely manicured lawns and grassy banks to play on. As I zipped by the front door of the church, I decide to stop and see if the doors were open. I was just curious to see if they closed up shop, or stayed open all the time, for those in need. I pulled up in front of the doors, and yanked on them, all eight of them. They were locked tight. I thought, "this is such bullshit! There was a small Asian lady, maybe 60 years old walked up and pulled on one of the doors. Simultaneously, a middle aged, one-armed, South Indian man, in a white short sleeved shirt walked up and pulled on another door. He looked at me and asked if the church was closed. I said “yes, and this is such bullshit!" Trying to be humerous, I said "what if I were having a spiritual crisis?! The damned priest should be here, sleeping on a cot, like the olden days” The one-armed Indian man looked at me with wide eyes and said, in a somewhat pained and distressed voice, “I am having a spiritual crisis, that’s why I came here, I just really need the silence, I need it be close to God.” I need to talk to God."

I asked him “what is the problem friend?"

To be continued....
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