Ride1up 700 Assembly


Hello All,

I just bought a Ride1up 700 step through series for my wife. I am not that skilled at working on bikes and would prefer to have a shop build it for me, however, they are busy this time of year and I don't want to wait a month.
I'm just noticing putting on the brake caliper was pretty difficult to turn the screws,, I don't know if it's because of the loctite they put on the screws but I didn't want to force it.

Nothing every seems to go as smooth as the videos I see,, even putting on the seatpost was a pain in the butt.

Did anyone else have issues with assembly? how long should it take? I've searched youtube and there some videos but none really go into detail about the brake caliper installation and or adjustments.
I think I got it all together,, It's been raining so I haven't been able to test ride really. Just a short run and my chain came off,, my fault. But just in my short ride what a big difference compared to my Trek Allant +7s,, as soon as I touch the pedal on the ride1up you feel the power,, and I like the throttle. Looking forward to get everything ironed out and taking my wife out with me.
I think so, everything seems good. The wife's only complaint is the seat it seems like it slanted down a bit, maybe because of the thick padding in the wide part of the saddle.. I like this bike it's a very good value. It's not as solid as my Trek Allant +7s., but that is expected as it cost twice as much. I do love the throttle, I don't have one on my Trek. The Throttle come in very handy when crossing a street from a dead stop and traffic is coming and you are in a higher gear.

I would purchase another Ride1up.
I thought the seat was also tilted down a bit. I adjusted the angle from just under the seat. There are a couple of bolts there.