repost- my battery charger setup


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found like everyone else that the charger bricks get hot , figure heat is not good for any electronics

if i prop them up on something they stay much cooler

so looked around for grill type things to put the battery up off the ground to keep air under it

found baking cooling racks on amazon for $15-20 and got a 3 tier rack
but 1 charger on each rack and have a fan to blow on them when in use

this keeps the battery bricks almost completely cool the entire time
i also charge my cygolites and niterider lights there, they tend to get warm when charging also

hopefully this will extend the life of the chargers/light batteries...
guess we will see over the next few years!

wish someone would make a 2-3 inch high small grill just large enough to sit the brick on, but did not find anything like that