Replacement Bulb For City Bike?


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Hi All,
I am delighted to discover this forum! I have an older model 20" Cemoto "City bike"? which needs a new head light bulb. The battery is 36v/10 amp. I'd be very grateful if someone could provide me with the specification for this bulb or the part no! Things are bit hard to get in this part of the world, hence I need some help or advice.

I wonder if I could replace it with a LED instead with a correct value resistor in series?

Welcome to EBR, @Aura5! Could you upload a pic of the bulb and bulb base please and include any codes stamped on the bulb. Those can be a bit difficult to see, so you might need a magnifying glass to read. This will help us locate a replacement bulb.
SOLVED! Just before getting ready to remove the front glass from the casing I noticed that one of the wires was rather loose. Then on closer inspection I noticed that the the "spade" connector wasn't connected to the terminal inside the light at all! I just held it together and the light worked! So all I needed to do was to pry open the spade a little and reinsert it to the terminal. The light is very bright even in sunny daylight!

I am delighted!