Replaced My Stromer ST2 S with an ST7

That is too weird as the front brake should be able, on a downhill descent at 35 mph/ 55 kph,
to stop the bike, no problem whatsoever.
A stop from 15 mph should be like no effort!

On 35 mph stop, the only concern should be … the brakes are so powerful that deceleration can cause a front flip. Thank you Stromer ABS.

Could it be misalignment of the front brake disc and caliper? The pad would only contact on the edge, with almost no surface area.
As that edge wore, a little more surface would be added.

All my Stromer brakes are super powerful and yours should be too. Sorry to hear , please let us know what happens.
Anyone that thinks the TRP front brake is not powerful enough are simply too afraid to grab at it. Them ST5 brakes will lock up or throw you over the bars at anytime if you don’t know how to lean back and modulate the HD944 pumps.