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I have a '15 Evo Jet that I use for daily commuting. Is there anything special to consider as far as a repair kit is considered? Will standard bicycle kits work fine or so I need to consider heavier duty components? Especially concerned about tubes and tube patches. Tires?

A normal toolkit should be fine. It might be worth carrying some small cable ties (or use skinny velcro strips) incase you lose those plastic clips that hold the rear wheel motor cable in place. They're very easy to lose if you ever have to remove the rear wheel.
Hello ZZE,

Indeed as mentioned by WelshBazinNZ you should keep some zip ties with you and you will also need a 5mm wrench to remove the torque arm on the non drive side bolt on the rear wheel so make sure you have that in your kit.

Just as a tip when taking out the rear wheel is to make sure you don't squeeze the brake lever as this will cause the brake pads to compress together. Your dealer may have included a brake spacer so you can use this to prevent the pads from closing up by simply inserting between the pads where the disc when and keep that with you on your bike. Also remember to bring the chain down to the smallest cog on the rear cassette.

From past experience it's usually always best to replace the inner tube completely with a new one as it generally offers more life than a patch. Also suggest buying a good quality tube from companies like Schwalbe or similar as the cheap tubes use lower quality rubber and are generally thinner.

When you'll be ready to change out tires a good upgrade to consider would be the Schwalbe Marathon tires as they offer very good puncture resistance and wear resistance.

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I had not even considered the brakes becoming an issue, thanks for the heads up! I think I'll practice taking off the wheels a couple times. Nothing sucks more than being in a rush to get where you're going AND not being completely sure of what you're doing.