Remote controller fault


So I was riding up the big hill to my house, in Turbo mode with 30% charge indicated when the motor cuts out. The controller display has a flashing turbo/lightning bolt indicated, which is supposed to mean throttle mode that my bike doesn't even support. So I restart the bike, it seems to work, same thing happens after a few seconds. I restart it again and this time the remote controller display fails to start. It reads "--" and does not indicate an error code. The battery 4th light flashes to indicate controller fault. Bike works but is stuck in Turbo mode.

How common is this?
I don't know how common, but my display has gone out as well. It was flickering off and on with no loss of power to the wheel before going blank. The bike still works with the broken display but without the ability to change modes. Awaiting a replacement as we speak, week two.
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Well they said they couldn't diagnose the problem so I went to the shop and the bike immediately failed again, so they ran their diagnostic scan on it again and decided to replace the controller, which took a week to get delivered. Seems to work now, again.