Relocating the tail light

Charlie Rohlfing

New Member
Hey guys, I wanted to show you a super easy relocate for the seat tail light to a rear rack. Why? So you can swap out different seats, of course! And you can use rack top bags without blocking the light. I made a simple plastic angle bracket (from some scrap plastic, bent it to 90 with a heat gun and cut and filed it to shape). A single hole for the wire to go through and you can mount the light on the outside of the bracket, or you could get fancy and Dremel out the oval shape and mount the light from inside, more like the stock seat arrangement. BUT HERE'S THE BIG NEWS ... the stock wire is long enough to reach. I just drilled a very small hole in the seatpost right above the post clamp where it comes out of the frame, and routed the wire back along the rear rack with some zip ties. Easy Peasy!