Reise & Muller

I was just checking out those bikes. It's now my official dream bike. Full suspension, dual batteries, fenders, rack. Just what I want. The price is out of my range for this year but maybe next year. This is the one I want. (Link Removed - No Longer Exists)
I might need a test ride too woods. I like the Orange one. San Fran. at New Wheel carries them. Been wanting to visit them .
They really are nice looking bikes and you can tell a lot of engineering went into them. Hopefully they put them sale every now and then.
Please let us know how you like it when it arrives. :)

I'll be sure to post pictures and rider experience. I might try to hook up a Garmin VIRB to try to record some work commutes through the (potholed) streets of Detroit.
It looks like a go anywhere type of bike . Did you know that water bottles can be magnetically attached near the headset ? Convenient location for keeping hydrated.
I'm not that far from you Over50, I'm in Oxford about 12 miles north of Pontiac. I grew up in Pontiac0
Good to know there are some other SE Mich e-bikers here. I'm in Royal Oak so planning for about a 16-18 mile 1-way commute to downtown. Figure I'll go through downtown RO to downtown Ferndale, down Livernois through Palmer Park and then down Hamilton or 3rd street passing through New Center, Wayne State, Cass Corridor and into downtown. Good weather days only while starting out.
It looks like a go anywhere type of bike . Did you know that water bottles can be magnetically attached near the headset ? Convenient location for keeping hydrated.
It seemed like a versatile bike which helped sway me in that direction. Originally I was thinking pure city commuter maybe rigid front fork but as I went through research I leaned more towards a hybrid style that could take the rougher roads and some gravel light trails. There are some German or European videos out on YouTube and they show the Charger taking concrete steps pretty easily. I wouldn't attempt that on my city commuter (human powered). I thought it might give me more versatility for navigating the city when/if I need to head over some curbs or steps or potholes or whatever comes my way.

I saw the headset water bottle mounts on the Delite but wasn't sure exactly how they were attached to the bike. It is a good location for hydration - even easier then reaching down into the frame for a bottle.
I opted for the Charger with Nuvinci. Even the Charger you can get with the dual battery (extra $1K) for less than the Delite. I love the look of the Delite but figured my intended use doesn't justify the dual battery. Anyway, I'm curious what draws you to the Nuvinci? I felt there was some risk with opting for the Nuvinci but that was outweighed by my thinking it could be more efficient. On my human powered bike I have an Alfine 8. There are a lot of times I feel like the change of a single speed is too much - as if I need something in the middle. So I opted to try the Nuvinci (but with trepidation). The risk I feel is that something will go wrong with it and my local bike shops won't have any experience with the system. At the e-bike expo in DC I did try a bike with the Nuvinci Harmony - there was no shifter/dial on the bike handlebars. I felt that wasn't ready for prime time - it shifted when I wasn't ready for it to shift. But that was a prototype bike and I don't think the Nuvinci on the Charger is of the Harmony variety.
I want the less maintenance of the internally geared hub and belt drive plus the dual batteries so I can go to some land I own 120 miles away, don't know if I would need the full suspension, but it sure would make a long ride more comfortable.
Awful expensive for an extra battery but the whole bike is expensive when you realize you can get a pretty powerful motorcycle for the same price. Still I'd love to have one. I'd have to have the full suspension for these old bones. :)