Recommended motor/battery for Catrike Dumont w/26" rear tire?

Alan Kearney

New Member
I'm new to the trike world, having bought the Dumont last November. My shop in Tucson AZ recommends I install an eRad 500w motor w/big battery.

A new friend rides with a Bionx rear wheel motor on his 20" trike, loves it. My shop doesn't recommend it.

Doing some research I find a 3rd company - Bafang (sp??) - at Utah Bikes.

Fair to say I'd dazed and confused by options/choice. Anyone care to offer advice?

I'm 69 yrs old, 200 lbs, Catrike Dumont is full suspension, 26" rear tire, 20" front tires @ almost 45 pounds.

Thanks in advance ;`)