Rear Hub Motor Noise Problem


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I am having a problem with noise and friction coming from my China 1,000 Watt 48 Volt rear hub motor.

It has 1,500 miles on it.

This is the sound that it makes:

I placed the hub motor in a vice with cogs down and the motor spun silently and smoothly.

Upturned with the cogs up and I spin the cogs. My guess is that the freewheel is making the noise.

A few weeks ago, I had a similar noise and resistance to rotation and a squirt of WD-40 onto the cogs, etc. and it silenced it.

My best guess is that the the freewheel is the culprit.

Where can I buy a replacemet freewheel with 11 teeth and a socket wrench to fit to remove it?

All help would be appreciated.
Single speed, right? Doesn't seem to exist. Lots of 7 speed with an 11T.

(Link Removed - No Longer Exists)
Throw the WD away. It's a solvent not a lubricant. There's a number of good lubricants developed for bikes. Seriously. WD isn't one of them. There are single speed freewheels. I'm using a 22T and a 14T on a couple of builds. BUT it may take an adapter or spacers to correct the chain line.
Freewheels are problematic under the best of circumstances.
The ones I've seen all seem much cheaper (made) than cassettes.
if that's chinese freewheel on a chinese hub I'm not surprised at 1,500
They tend to "lock" onto the hub as well. Be careful removing.