Rear hardtail cushioning tyre


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For a 2018 SuperCharger GX with 40mm MD-40 AlexRims.
I tire of my current rear tyre.
I like Schwalbe tyres and will stick with the Marathon Plus MTB 57-584 on the front, works well even on wet roads around corners.
Tried SuperMotoX - too slippery on wet roads, too slippery on sandy or powdered dirt covered roads & definitely too slippery on off-road.
Tried Smart Sam's, great although a bit noisy on roads (but i don't care about that).
Currrently on Marathon Plus MTB 57-584, great, fantastic but am after more cushioning.
I'm going to try and get a set of these: - hopefully it'll fit on the rear with up to a 70mm tyre.
With the aim of getting more cushioning in general and particularly with a loaded bike my questions are:
1) Whether the SKS 75 U Long Blumels will fit on the rear.
2) Schwalbe Pick-Up 65-584 ( or Johnny Watts 70-584 (
I would appreciate the extra strength of the Pick-Up with a loaded bike but the Johnny Watts would have a larger volume for 100g less weight and better off-road, etc.
Can't decide, can anyone help?
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