Rear End Sliding

Hung Nguyen

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Hello all,

Two weeks ago, I got my RadWagon. Last week, I had two flats in a day, both were on the rear tire. So, I got new rim tapes, tubes and Swable Marathon Plus. However, after my lbs got everything back together and I took the bike to work this morning, the bike's rear end keep sliding to the right. It slided when I applied the brakes. It slided when I pedaled.

What might have caused the problem, and what can I do to alleviate it??? Your help is strongly appreciated.
So, after numerous online videos and some diagnose, I was able to fix the problem.

At first I thought since the tires were new; they are slippery (similar to motorcycle tires, I supposed). Then, I thought it was because the brakes were rubbing against the rotor, so I did 'fine tune' as some online videos suggested. However, upon close observation, the sliding happened when the motor kick in, which resulted in a *thunk* noise, and when stopping, as stated. It turned out, my lbs mechanic did not tighten the rear axle nuts, which left room for the rear axle and the motor to move altogether, which in turns caused my rear end to slide. After tighten the axle nuts (15mm, for reference) the bike is rock solid. It really annoying when you have to work on your vehicle, after it just left the shop.
Good catch!

I started out with zero bike tools other than what I used for basic home/car repair also. I find myself adding more bike tools, checking out YouTube, reading more reviews on maint and accessories, and fine tuning my Radrover to get the most out of my ebike. Turning into my latest hobby (or man toy).
@Hung Nguyen, sharp eyes! May I recommend you make friendly follow-up call to the shop and let the manager know what happened. No shop wants to let product out that's not done right and they may need to do some refresher training on the basics of ebike building.

Otherwise, hope you're having fun riding your new Rad Wagon, those are cool cargo bikes :)
Yes the Radwagon requires 40nm of torque on the rear axle. That is about 30 foot pounds (a lot). Best to use a torque wrench. Mine also came loose.
A torque wrench, and quality axle nuts take care of the problem. solvers axle nut&l=problem solvers axle nut