Rattan Fat Bear Plus for sale $800- Sold

Tim Young

New Member
I have a like new Rattan Fat Bear Pro upgraded to the Plus color controller. It has about 4 miles on it from my test rides. I personally do not like how the power assist works when used in combination with the pedals. To me it seems all or nothing. The throttle control is nice but after riding a different bike with motor at the pedals that has very smooth power assist I'm will to pay three times more money for it and give up the portability of a folding bike. I still have the original shipping box, manual, and the pro controller. Bike currently has the upgraded plus controller on it. Disclaimer- Bike was shipped to me with derailleur guard too small that prevented me from shifting into all the gears. I was never able to Get Rattan to send me the correct guard and gave up on that and took the wrong one off the bike so I could ride it. You can contact me through email if you want photos and I will give out my phone number to interested parties. Tim Young [email protected]