Ramp for transporting

arnold ziffle

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I haven't heard of anyone else doing it this way, so I'll share what I've worked out...

I have a thick rubber bed mat ... ( I really like these), and the quick - adjustable handlebars are great for this application. I found the light aluminum ramp online for about $50. Of course, the battery always come off first.
I'm tall enough where I can just wheel it right up while standing on the ground, I don't climb into the bed. Wheel it up & flop it down. It'll ride on a pedal & handlebar end. No muss, no fuss, no additional hernias. I think this might possibly be applied to some cars w/trunks or SUVs?
ramp cropped.jpg
I like this...looks quick and easy. We have an suv, but the roof isn't tall enough to do this.

Transporting bikes is surprisingly irritating. I like to see others' solutions.
i agree completely, it is irritating

i have a one up rack and different size tire bikes, hassle to change the arms on it all the time
plus lifting the bikes etc

my solution was to buy a small cargo trailer with a rear ramp
still working on a the tire holders to stabilize the bikes but should be finished this weekend

bikes/equipment go in there and stay in there, batteries come in the house
Ramp and bike mount on the cheap bit works well ...
I used the spare tire floor cover as template to cut out plywood and bolt on a fork mount (painted to reduce slivers etc and matches interior ) I then used a 2x4 with 1" PVC pipe attached with deck screws... This keeps rear wheel on ramp as I load and mount/dismount tire. The close-up shows angle piece to keep ramp on rear bumper and adhesive calk to attach some carpet to reduce scratches and help prevent sliding .... Just a thought ... Also when mounting tire I keep entire bike at belt level instead of kneeling etc ... Much easier