Raise handle bars on the Trekk


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I'm a 70 year old guy who's body has really stiffened up. I want to get a good quality eBike that I can ride in an upright position. I'm 6'2" tall and figure the 60 cm would be the right size. I may also put a thud buster seat suspension on the bike. I want to raise the handlebars and bring them closer to the saddle. I'm afraid that the cabling won't be long enough to do this. Can I buy longer cables or is there some place I can have some made?
Is there another brand that would be better for my needs?
Haibike may not be the best choice if you're looking for upright riding position with raised handlebars.

Most of the Haibikes are mountain bikes with slightly aggressive riding position. Also, they don't make 60cm frame and I think you 52cm or 55cm would suit you lot better. Adjustable stem is something you may want to look at.

If you're talking about Trekking model, it is possible to put a swept handlebar and raise the stem a little bit. Also, rerouting the cable is something that can be easily done.

  1. Pedego Interceptor

  2. Easy Motion EVO City Wave - large frame
  3. Third option would be to get Haibike Trekking with different handlebar and stem.
Lenny -

Your bike looks like what I'm talking about. the handles bars seem to be above the seat by quite a bit. What do you ride?