RadMini 4 - fit in Camry?


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I've been going back and forth between a few models, but keep coming back to the Mini as being able to throw it (ok, maybe hoist with a lot of grunting) in the trunk or back seat if I need to take it 10-15 miles to a local bike shop for any service, or more easily get assistance getting it and me home (taxi, etc) in the event of a roadside issue I can't manage, seems to be a lot of peace of mind to gain. Plus... feasible to take to the beach, which would be a little beyond my direct range on the bike itself.

But what it comes down to is, when folded will it reasonably fit into either the trunk, or back seat of a 4-door sedan (most specifically a Camry, if anyone has actually tried that exact combo)?

If not, I'll just go the Runner or Rover route and hope to never have a roadside issue. Thanks in advance!
I don't know about the Camry, but here is a picture of the Radmini folded up into a 50-gal tub (from Walmart). I have a Kia Soul, and that tub will fit inside my back hatch. I hope this helps.


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Smart way to keep it from rolling around and scratching things up.

The actual dimensions of the Camry trunk would fit it, but not sure it would actually let it set in/come out, and hoping to find out if it would or wouldn't be like a couch getting stuck at the turn in a stairwell.